customer benefits

Customer benefits

With CCT - SYS GmbH you have an expert and independent partner regardless of whether it is a matter of a precision injection mould or a complete line of PET preforms or plastic closures. With all our know-how we stand at your side as an innovative and expert partner. Our wide spectrum of services, our international presence and our world-wide sales and advice-providing network are your guarantee for the rapid and close-to-customer progressing of your particular problem or wish.

Independence and flexibility are central parameters of our corporate and development philosophy. Taking account of new lines of approach and the logical and the careful thinking through of these approaches right through to a perfected final product are made possible by the juxtapositioning of both PET and closure know-how in one enterprise.

In this way holistic solutions for the beverage sector are created. And time and again these set new standards and redefine the limits of what is technically possible.

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New ComPETCap® variants that are available:
30/25 and 38mm
CCT-33-2S for low CSD, Milk and Juice

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