We act honestly and in accordance with ethical fundamentals. We take our obligations seriously and feel ourselves personally responsible for our actions.

We are always open for new ideas and react inquiringly to changes. We are pleased to pass on our experience and knowledge.

Mutual trust and respect are matters of course for us. This holds good not only for us internally but also between our employees and our customers.

We feel ourselves responsible for what we do. To be understood here are employees, customers and suppliers as well as our environment and the market in which we operate. We endeavour to act responsibly at all times vis à vis our colleagues and other employees, our customers and suppliers as well as in respect of our environment and the society in which we live and work. And in all this to keep in mind not only the present situation but also future developments.

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New ComPETCap® variants that are available:
30/25 and 38mm
CCT-33-2S for low CSD, Milk and Juice

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Blow Molds

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